You have to carry your own baggage (1/5)

One of the most important aspect of starting a Startup is how you carry your own baggage. This is very much possible that when you are going out with an idea to start a Startup, nobody else will understand you on the starting. All you have to do is to continue carry yourself and your idea in your own mind. The best of the best ideas dies when they fail to find a carrier.

When you are starting a Startup, be ready to carry your own baggage. In this case, the baggage is not something that can be seen by others but it is something that you only can see and feel.

Most of the times, your idea will not be considered worthy enough unless you have a solid backing. Sooner Or Later you will get your waxing but this is not the time when you get the backing. This is the starting phase and during this phase be ready to be the only one who carries your own luggage.

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Written by Sushant Sharma

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