Be ready to get rejected! (2/5)

Now as you are out in the market with your idea to make a great startup, one thing that will come handy is, be prepared to listen no!

Just because you understand your Idea and see a great Fortune ahead, doesn’t mean that others will be on the same boat. It is very much possible that you will get rejected. Or if I can say in other words this is 100% sure that you will get rejected few times before you get your big success shot.

During the time you get your ideas being examined by people might or might not invest in your startup idea, you have to be ready to get rejected. 

If you are not ready to get rejected, most probably you cannot meet it big. No great thing in this world has happened without failing at first. If you think your idea is the next great thing, do your part and get it failed. 

Failure makes you humble, failure makes you stronger and most importantly failure makes you future ready!

What do you think?

Written by Sushant Sharma

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