Stop blaming your luck!

I think like is too harsh on me.

Thats the words I hear many a times. And I want you to stop blaming your luck. Like really, people are accusing their life of being harsh with them. People with latest mobiles in their hands are cursing the life instead of appreciating what the life has rewarded them with. You have the latest tech gadgets, kiddo!


By default , its human nature to blame failures on others. Its been like this since ages, and nothing much has changed. if anything goes wrong, simply blame it on your luck. Once and for all, I am saying this officially, stop blaming your luck!

When life starts, nothing is in our hands. No one has ever decided where and when to born. Its all predefined¬† and we are all ok with this. All of us spent childhood without any complaints and enjoying with whatever we had. The problems actually started when we started understanding what others have and we don’t.

Its perfectly alright not to have things that we want, in fact many people doesnt have the things we need or want. The problem is that others have it and somehow we automatically anticipate that we too should have the same stuff. Ironically, we all have a different life story, but we want all the things that others have without having gone through what they go through.

Life has never been fair with anyone and I dont see a single reason that why it should be fair to you. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the stuff you imagine is the best stuff you can ever have. Sometimes, you dont have something because its not meant for you.

Let me give you an example:

Many people, like hundred of people were late to the work one fine day. Lets assume that their offices were somewhere in Downtown NYC. Some of them got late because they woke up late. They woke up late because some alarm clocks didnt work properly for any reason. Some got late because of their cabbie didnt arrive on time. Some of them got late because they slept late the preceding night and so on. All of them on their way to home were cursing their destiny and blaming their luck for their tardy arrival to office.

As soon as they reached their office, they came to know that there has been an attack on the building and just because they were late, they didn’t die! Their tardiness gave them another chance to see another day. The day I am talking about is 9/11 and the office I am talking about is WTC.

This is not an example, this is a real life story. This has happened with many and most of them must be thanking god till today.

Stop blaming your luck for anything that goes bad in your life. Its not meant to be the way you want it to be. Its almost always something bigger that you dont understand.

In the recent past , with ever increased access to internet and media, many of us have turned to being patient and the healing energy. Thats a great thing, but its a long way before everyone understands about how cursing your luck is not the solution.

Stop blaming your luck for the things that you could not manage. Its always something better on the way. If you just blame your luck and get away with things like taking the responsibility, you fail as a human. Not because that you are responsible for everything, but because you dont understand the concept of “everything happens for a reason”.

You miss out the fun of being responsible:

Another reason why I ask you to stop blaming your luck is, if you just blame the luck , you dont understand that its your own life. Its your life and no one else will solve your troubles. If you want to have a control over your life, just dont blame your luck. You cant blame others and then expect things to happen the way you want to. Its like taking the credit and passing the blame. Thats not how leaders are born. In order to be a winner, you have to act like one. Winners dont pass the blame and take the credit, if anything they do the exact opposite. Pass the credit, take the blame. If something good happens, thank the almighty , if not try to do better. In any case, try to take the control of your life.

Of course you cant control everything :

If I ask you to stop blaming your luck, you could ask me how everything is not under your control. Of course not. Everything is not under your control. That is not how things are supposed to be moving. There are things that you cant control and the best part is, you need not be worried about those things. Just worry about the things you can manage.

Do whatever, just stop blaming your luck!

One small thing that successful people do is, to be thankful. Open any bestseller book, and I dare you to read the first page. The page where the say the preface for the book. I am yet to see a bestseller author who doesnt thank almighty in the very first line of his book. The reason is simple. Authors know the depth of this life and the depth comes to those who seek it. Depth says , be thankful for everything you have . Not because its humble, but because a thankful guy is a blessed guy. I dont know how the universe works, but it just works !¬† Make mistakes, fail often, try again but stop blaming your luck. Doesn’t matter where you are in your professional or personal life, just dont blame your luck. You are not unlucky, you are just as blessed as all others. Its possible that you think otherwise because you didnt get the things you expected, but thats not the whole picture of your life. You can bounce back anytime you want and thats the only thing matters.

Life is more than what you think about it. Life is bigger than your thoughts. Life is awesome! Be thankful for what you have. Remember, Stop blaming your luck!

What do you think?

Written by Sushant Sharma

That’s what Steve Jobs meant by “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

People will disappoint you, deal with it!