Dont trust Internet, you still have time!

One thing thats real cool about time is, it never follows a schedule!

I guess you will not be able to understand, what I am trying to tell you here. I am talking about the way internet has ruined your imagination and made you uncomfortable about the time you lost. The truth is, you are not old, you can still make it work and you are not a failure for sure. 

If I understand you correctly, which I guess I do, you are most likely to be thinking that you are a loser for not being able to big make a big enterprise so far. You tried hard to achieve things and you failed for time being. Thats alright. Things happen , so what?

Apart from telling you things like you are a failure, you are late, when I was your age, I achieved this in that age and all, internet is actually full of fake stuff. The reason? No body can check the source or reliability of the information you are hearing. The internet has given a right to everyone through which they are doing things in the virtual world which was not possible for them to do in a real setup. 

Have you lost your time ? Cant you do anything now?

Well, I dont agree with this statement. Its never too late to start something that you have wanted to do. If you need an example, here take example of Colonel Sanders who started KFC. Do you know when he started KFC? When he lost everything and there was nothing left in his life. The age when he started the KFC business was 65. Yes, the age where a normal guy would generally consider the retirement was the age when KFC saw the light of the day. Isnt it a great thing to hear?

Colonel Sanders is just an example. The world where we live is full of such examples. I will tell you about all such examples in this very blog, but let me tell you that yours can be the next example the world sees. 

When Colonel Sanders started KFC at the age of 65 , he never knew that the company will make it such a big brand. No body knows what comes next, but one thing we know is , if you try hard enough, you will get what you dream of. 

Another theory I have for people who want to achieve something big and why success takes time. In order to get a long lasting success, one thing you have to do is to hit and try. There is no way you can identify your best field or shot in the first attempt. You have to fail numerous times before success kisses you. The hit and try approach comes at a cost and the thing that delays it is how fast you realize your future direction in any field. 

As I said earlier also, many people in the world are stuck in a wrong place. Wrong job or business, but its a wrong place for them. Most people have no idea about what they are capable of. Some people are so amazing in handling human emotions and they will do wonders if they are to deal with customers who are wiling to make a purchase or investment on the basis of communication, but all their life they are stuck with a computer screen writing codes for Artificial Intelligence. Will these people make the best they can? No, they have to adjust on whatever they get for writing those mediocre codes. 

The world is full of people who have done something miraculous at the age of retirement and there are people who have done something great at a very young age, but observe around you. How many big brand names you see around you that were built by the first generation?  I am pretty sure , very few! 

Exactly my point. 

If you want to make something great, you have to give it some time. You have to fail a couple of times, you have to observe and change your techniques. There is no way you can create an overnight success that lasts for generations. Only the brands, success and personalities that have the depth of years can rule for years!

Happy Startup Journey!

What do you think?

Written by Sushant Sharma

Do it , because it must be done!

You wont trust but I want you to fail!